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Efidate: The Energy Cost Efficiency Platform

We all know that those storage systems that supply water to entire populations are filled with water extracted from wells via incredible powerful pumps.

However, such devices are also incredibly expensive to make work. The Energy required to activate and operate them is a variable most business must wrap their heads around in their efforts to optimise the entire water supply system.

The main objective of the Efidate System is to improve the efficiency of such process by gathering historical and real-time data about three important variables: the expected and real demand of water, the storage level of the water containers and the average and historical energy prices required to make the pumps work.

Digital Solutions
Efidate's Key Features

real time information

Always available Real Time information, gathered from the water containment systems about both the demand of water and their current levels as well as Energy Prices.

industry 4.0

Take full advantage of the incredible IoT Platform Nexus Integra, Efidate can retrieve data from IoT sensorization and use it to optimise its algorithmic predictions.

demand prediction

The Efidate system accesses both historical and real time data (about energy prices, water storage levels and seasonality and variations on the demand of water) to construct sound and highly accurate demand predictions.


Carry Efidate in your smartphone or IPhone, and don't worry about needing an operating workstation or computer to access the platform.

Efficiency Algorithm

The Efidate Efficiency Algorithm takes into account the real time and historical tendencies of Energy Prices to optimise the energy used (and its cost) when refilling wells.

save in energy expenses

Its unparalleled efficiency algorithm, which predicts demand based on historical data as well as accounting for deviations in Energy Prices), will dramatically reduce your energy expenses

How Does it Work?
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Here at Efidate, we are committed to and absolute digitalisation of your operations, part of it includes keeping you updated at any time.

Discover the incredible responsiveness of the Efidate Platform in your Smartphone or Iphone.

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